Anker Studentbolig

Anker Studentbolig

Anker Studentbolig is centrally located in Oslo, near all major attractions

Anker Studentbolig is situated in the city centre of Oslo, less than 1 km away from the Central Railwaystation. Many educational institutions are within convenient bicycling or walking distance.

If you are a full time student or apprentice, and between 18 and 36 years old, you can apply for an apartment. Click on the link further down to the right.

Note that the house rent includes electricity, heating, Cable–TV and Internet access.
There is also a janitor and a security guard available.

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Anker Studentbolig

Phone: +47 22 99 73 00
Fax:     +47 22 99 73 20


Aug 1st 2013, we opened 300 new student apartments in Oslo

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